Tribute to the victims of the Hipercor bombing

Ada Colau took part in the official act paying homage to the victims of the car bomb attack by ETA in 1987, which left 21 dead and 45 injured in Av. Meridiana.

The Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, took part in this weekend’s act to remember, recognise and pay tribute to the victims of the Hipercor bombing. The act was held at the Can Dragó sports complex in the district of Nou Barris. It was organised by Barcelona City Council to mark the 30th anniversary of the terrorist attack by ETA on the Hipercor department store in Av. Meridiana on 19 June 1987, which killed 21 and wounded 45.

The artistic intervention Memorial a les víctimes de l’atemptat de l’Hipercor, by Àngels Aymar, actively involved relatives of those who died. The aim was for the city to recognise and remember those whose lives were affected by the car bomb detonated by the ETA terrorist cell in Barcelona, the deadliest by the organisation and one of the bloodiest episodes in Catalonia’s recent history. The ceremony wanted people to identify with the victims, as the attack was directly against the population and consequently anyone could have been caught up in the bombing that day.

After the act in front of Sol LeWitt’s Tall Irregular Progression monument, which pays tribute to the victims of terrorism, those attending visited the information pedestal recently installed outside the Hipercor store in Av. Meridiana, which explains the attack and serves as an account of what happened there.

Towards the end of the year an exhibition is being put together, curated by Francesc Valls and detailing the historical context for the Hipercor bombing.