The Tears of St Lawrence return

Every year an astronomic phenomenon is repeated around 10 August. We are talking about the Perseid meteor shower known as the “Tears of St Lawrence”. This year the best time to see them will be the night of 12-13 August.

The phenomenon known as the Tears of St Lawrence is a Perseid meteor shower, provoked by the cosmic dust of a comet tail. Every year, when the Earth crosses this tail, particles are generated that pass into the atmosphere at such high speed that they produce some impressive traces of light.

The explanation behind the nickname of this cosmic phenomenon is as simple as it is poetic. St Lawrence shed some tears when he was burned at the stake. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the star shower was associated with this religious event, which occurred on 10 August, because people believed the sky was crying with the saint.

The best place in Barcelona to see the shower is Collserola. There you need to find a high spot and look in a north-easterly direction. In fact, on 12 August, the park is organising an astronomic night for the Tears of St Lawrence.