The 22@ Coordination Commission gets to work

The new coordinating body just set up by City Council consists of different areas and has the mission of focusing on the social dimension, sustainability and innovation of the project. The commission will work on strengthening the relationship between the 22@ district and the local area, consolidating Barcelona as a capital for innovation and enterprise, and reactivating and orientating urban transformation.

After fifteen years focusing on the creation of conditions for urban transformation and the promotion of activities relating to the knowledge-based economy, the new commission has set the aim of consolidating the 22@ area as a district for innovation and incorporating new forms of the economy in the process of transforming the production model.

The new body will aim to consolidate existing clusters and identify new ones, consolidate the brand, strengthen the business network and provide support for micro-projects and the entrepreneurial ecosystem which complements investment projects. The priority is also on identifying action with strategic public interest, coordinating public and private investment and facilitating urban transformation.

The Councillor for Enterprise and Tourism, Agustí Colom, called for the commission to concentrate its efforts on “helping entrepreneurs get set up as micro companies and small to medium-sized businesses and continue attracting emerging companies with the will to generate quality jobs”. The councillor announced the creation of the commission at the start of the year, and has now stressed that all of its members will be working to strengthen a project with great potential and which is seeking to make emerging companies already attracted to the 22@ area to become generators of employment with decent salaries and conditions.

The commission is made up of the District of Sant Martí, the areas of Ecology, Urban Planning and Mobility, and Enterprise, Culture and Innovation, as well as the Barcelona Institute of Technology for the Habitat (BIT Habitat).