Studying how Paris and Berlin regulate housing rents

A delegation of municipal specialists have embarked on a round of meetings with those responsible for housing rent indexes in the French and German capitals, the aim being to make a detailed study of the necessary criteria for methodology for an index for Barcelona and the metropolitan area.

The team, accompanied by members of Barcelona’s Local Housing Observatory and representatives from the Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB), are on a three-day visit to Paris to learn about its experience in regulating rent prices. They will be meeting the group of experts responsible for creating the current system for controlling rents. The agenda also includes meetings with representatives from the sector of owners and representatives from tenants’ unions.

Field visits will also be made to various examples of cooperative housing in Paris to see experiences in anti-gentrification policies, new ownership models and the funding of social policy relating to housing.

At the end of March, another municipal technical commission will be visiting Berlin, which also has a rent index and a system to control price hikes. The meetings should help establish the criteria for methodology to be applied in the city of Barcelona.