Barcelona’s new bus network will have 97 services

Mobility. Once the process is completed there will be 43 regular services, 28 mainline services, 12 of which will be introduced in the next eighteen months, and 26 neighbourhood services.
Control migratori Ceuta, Melilla i Marroc Fotomovimiento

The irregular border

Human rights. A report by Irídia, Novact and Fotomovimiento, subsidised by Barcelona City Council, details and denounces the racism, violence and illegality of migration control policies at the border areas between Ceuta and Melilla and Morocco.

Solidarity travel: how, when and why

Interview. We reflect on cooperation, overseas volunteer work and social transformation with views from three entities.
Recompte de persones sense llar 2017 / sensellarisme

Call for volunteers to measure homelessness in Barcelona

Homelessness. The sixth census of people sleeping rough or in residences in the city is being organised by the Network of Attention to Homeless People and is aimed at improving the response capability of services and raising public awareness.

“I didn’t want my daughters to grow up with bombs overhead”

Entrevista. We spoke to Gulnar Hajo, a Syrian author and illustrator exiled in Istanbul. Hajo was the guest illustrator at this year’s edition of the literary festival for children and young people, Món Llibre.
Associació Dret a Morir Dignament Catalunya

Commitment in defence of the right to die with dignity

Municipal. An institutional declaration will be presented at Full Council, calling on the Spanish government to decriminalise euthanasia.

What does Barcelona sound like?

Ecology. International Noise Awareness Day is aimed at raising public awareness on the level of noise pollution in the city and promoting sounds as part of environmental heritage.
Ciutat Vella

International meeting on preventing local residents from being driven out

Housing. A work group consisting of political and technical personnel from Barcelona and Madrid City Councils has been set up to avoid the loss of identity of neighbourhoods and prevent local residents and commerce from being driven away.
Comissió, Drets Humans Palestina

Condemnation of “the occupation, plundering and destruction of resources” in Palestine

Palestine. The Commission for Presidency approves a declaration calling for human rights to be respected in Palestine.
sant jordi

Weekend: Books, roses and solidarity!

Festivities and culture. This weekend Sant Jordi takes centre stage along with the Republican Spring and the March for Science.
GRA335. BARCELONA, 26/06/2016.- Dos ancianos votan en un colegio electoral de Barcelona. EFE/Alberto Estévez

More channels to boost the participation and political influence of the public

Participation. The new regulations for citizen participation, initially approved, look to boost the political influence of the public via multi-consultations and the presentation of citizen initiatives.