Col·legi Economistes

Calls for social dialogue to back a minimum wage for the city

Economy. The municipal government has pledged to work towards a minimum wage above 1,000 euros and is calling for collective dialogue to make it possible.

New measures for transparency and good governance at TMB

Transparency. Action to be taken includes cuts in directors’ salaries, a reassessment of jobs and an audit on compliance with the transparency law.
jornada aigua

Cities, experts and organisations reach an agreement on public water management

Ecology. The meeting ‘Water, a common good: challenges and the future’ is a debate on the challenges of public water management and calls for public leadership to treat water as a common and human right.
Inici de la tramitació de normes de participació

More channels to boost the participation and political influence of the public

Participation. The process is under way to introduce the new legislative project for citizen participation, which envisages annual multi-consultations and a boost for the presentation of citizen initiatives.

How to control and reduce energy consumption

Energy. Coinciding with World Consumer Rights Day on 15 March, the OMIC is offering two free workshops on consumers’ energy rights.

Weekend: Music, education and water!

Musica. The Maria Canals International Music Competition puts pianos in various spots around the city as it marks the start of its 63rd edition.
Mercabarna, 50 aniversari, Acte inaugural

Mercabarna celebrates its 50th anniversary

Mercabarna. The inaugural act for the 50th anniversary of the wholesale food market kicks off celebrations which include different actions to explain the relevance of the facility.

Family reunification strengthens neighbourhood roots

Diversity. Over the last year the New Families service has attended to 2,266 families, mainly from people from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines and China.
urbanisme de gènere

Urban planning to use the gender perspective to make streets and squares for everyone

Urban planning. The new perspective will help steer the city towards the egalitarian use of public space.

Barcelona joins the European network of cities which publicly manage water

Water cycle. On the eve of World Water Day on 22 March, the City Council is backing the public management model and exchange of experiences between cities, social operators and entities, ecologists and academics.
Escola Bressol Municipal Tres Tombs

New and more redistributive criteria for municipal nursery school fees

Nursery schools. A new social rates system has been established, cutting monthly fees for 62.5% of families.