32,000 square metres of greenery from Poblenou to the Besòs

Urban planning. The entire length of C/ Cristóbal de Moura will become a linear landscaped garden, connecting the Parc del Centre del Poblenou with the Parc del Besòs.

The opening speech for the Santa Eulàlia festivities focuses on children

Santa Eulàlia. Over 900 children from different schools in the city have been tasked by the Mayor with writing the proclamation speech for the Santa Eulàlia festivities.

Municipal seal against internments and deportations

Rights. The City Residency Document will help people in irregular administrative situations to accredit their integration, length of time living in the city, family and employment ties, studies and knowledge of languages.

The last rubber bullet victim

Rights. Barcelona City Council is to act as private prosecutor in the case of a man who lost his sight in one eye after being hit by a rubber bullet on 1 October.

Weekend: Board games, horror films and a stroll around Montjuïc

Free time. Traditional games, historical simulation and role play at the Fabra i Coats, authentic horror films at the Cotxeres de Sants and a morning walk starting and finishing at the Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies.

Better support services for children and teenagers

Childhood. Some 27 programmes get under way to revamp the support provided for children and teenagers, with better coordination between the various services involved.

Warning on the prevention of air pollution

Air pollution.. The Generalitat de Catalunya today, 21th November 2017, issued a preventative warning on air pollution across Catalonia, even though the forecast is for an improvement in air quality in the Barcelona area.

New municipal government organisational structure

City Council. The municipal government is organised into four Deputy Mayors’ Offices and includes three new Commissioners.

Enhanced security measures

Security. The Local Security Board has updated anti-terror measures which affect the city centre and the area around the Sagrada Família.

European cities meet for a summit on urban security

Security. Over eight hundred political representatives, experts and professionals are taking part in the European Forum for Urban Security event.

Mediation to ensure coexistence between local residents and tourist lets

Tourism. A team is to intervene where conflicts arise.

First ever survey among children about their welfare

Childhood. Some 4,000 pupils from 52 city schools and aged between 10 and 12 answer questions about their needs, outlooks and interests.