Eix Besòs

Fighting poverty: the first step towards an inclusive municipal income

Social rights. A thousand families in the Besòs area are to receive guaranteed municipal income as part of a project to determine the most effective measures to eradicate inequality.

Weekend: Local festivals erupt in the neighbourhoods!

Popular culture. The streets and squares of Nou Barris fill with activities for the district’s local festival over a weekend when the neighbourhoods of Guinardó, Bon Pastor, Navas and Porta will also be celebrating.
Jaume Collboni BCN Districte Cultural

Barcelona Districte Cultural takes arts and culture to the neighbourhoods

Culture. The Barcelona Districte Cultural project offers two editions this year (in May and June and again in the autumn) and includes 20 arts proposals and 88 performances at 13 local cultural centres.

Family reunification strengthens neighbourhood roots

Diversity. Over the last year the New Families service has attended to 2,266 families, mainly from people from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines and China.
Mobile Week

Debates and artistic creations to reflect on the impact of the digital world

Technology.Ten young artists have produced artistic creations around Barcelona’s ten city districts to show their vision of digitalisation and the transformational power of new technologies.
Plaça Dones Nou Barris

The Plaça de les Dones de Nou Barris pays homage to the feminist struggle

Urban planning and gender. The green space was designed in conjunction with local organisations and social movements in the neighbourhood of Les Roquetes as a new meeting point to foster community life.
XXII Audiència Pública al Nois i Noies de Barcelona

Barcelona’s youth call for greater political commitment to take in refugees

Participation. The 22nd edition of the audience with the city’s youth saw youngsters from primary schools, secondary schools, baccalaureate courses and special education tell municipal groups about their ideas on building ‘Barcelona, Refuge City’.
casal d'estiu

Two new children’s centres open in Nou Barris

Nou Barris. Two new centres open in the neighbourhoods of Turó de la Peira and Vilapicina i la Torre Llobeta, bringing the number of children’s centres in Nou Barris to nine.
Audiència Pública Gràcia

The public audience with the city’s youth reaches its final stage

Participation. Before the collective act on 23 May, students from the participating districts will read out their proposals to councillors on the reception of refugees at a neighbourhood level.
Nou Barris

A boost for jobs and local commerce in Nou Barris

Economy. The plan has 38 measures, including the creation of a new space for jobs and economic activity in the district, offering advice and training.

Technology features in all ten city districts for Mobile Week BCN

MWeekBCN. The programme of parallel and prior activities for the Mobile World Congress has been boosted.