Institutional declaration rejecting the imprisonment of Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart

City Council. BComú, GMDemòcrata, ERC, CUP–Capgirem Barcelona and the independent councillor Gerard Ardanuy call for the release of the presidents of the ANC and Òmnium Cultural.

Less bureaucracy in social services

Social services. The new Social and Economic Benefit Office will act as a one-stop shop for simplifying social services management, procedures and support.

Evaluation of work carried out in the summer

Urban planning. A total of 101 tasks have been carried out in public spaces to help the city run smoothly, with 92% of them already completed.

Traffic calming in Av. Príncep d’Astúries

Urban planning. Traffic lanes will be reduced from five to three between Pl. Lesseps and Via Augusta and the new pavements will be 4.5 metres wide.

Greater cooperation for a globally responsible city

Cooperation. Grants awarded for cooperation and global justice this year will fund 109 projects.

Homage to commerce in La Rambla

No tinc por. An act was held in recognition of courage and generosity shown by commercial establishments and workers on the afternoon of 17 August.

Consensus between private and public sectors to defend Barcelona’s strength

Municipal. Maximum unity between the municipal government and economic bodies, trade unions and universities in favour of easing tensions and countering alarmism in the city.

Preparatory work to regulate vehicle sharing

Mobility. A proposal for regulations will be drafted in 2018, building on the benefits of carsharing, motosharing and bikesharing and reducing the negative effects.

More diversity in public procurement

Public procurement. In one year, the number of providers has risen by 5.3% thanks to the fact that the number of minor contracts which can be awarded to the same provider has been limited.

Promoting active ageing and breaking down stereotypes

Elderly people. A total of 35 measures to protect the rights of the elderly and boost active lifestyles in the city.

Quality employment to combat job insecurity

Employment. Ciutat Vella opens the first office in defence of labour rights, offering information and advice to tackle job insecurity.

Evaluation of the summer season at the city’s beaches

Beaches. Nearly five million people have enjoyed the city’s 4.5 km of beaches.