Acord amb Elisava

Applying design to improve the city

Innovation. Collaboration with Elisava to look further into the application of design to help with urban, social and economic advances in the city.
Jaume Collboni BCN Districte Cultural

Barcelona Districte Cultural takes arts and culture to the neighbourhoods

Culture. The Barcelona Districte Cultural project offers two editions this year (in May and June and again in the autumn) and includes 20 arts proposals and 88 performances at 13 local cultural centres.
IBI bis 2017

Bigger grants to help households with limited incomes pay the property tax

Tax. This year’s campaign, which runs until 30 June, increases the percentage of grants to 75% and raises the limit for annual incomes for households which qualify.

A Sant Jordi brimming with books, roses and street festivities for all

Traditions. Sant Jordi sees the streets fill with flowers and books in a people’s celebration. Nearly 5,000 stalls will be selling books and roses this year.

Investment to promote awareness on heritage in Collserola

Money raised by the tourist tax will be used to improve access routes to the park, signage and the publication of a book and map of the mountain range.

What does Barcelona sound like?

Ecology. International Noise Awareness Day is aimed at raising public awareness on the level of noise pollution in the city and promoting sounds as part of environmental heritage.
Arxiu Històric de la Ciutat de Barcelona, Centenari Arxiu, Exposició

Exhibition to mark the centenary of the History Archive

Archives. The exhibition on the background of the History Archive of the City of Barcelona opens, the central act marking its centenary.
Audiència Pública Gràcia

The public audience with the city’s youth reaches its final stage

Participation. Before the collective act on 23 May, students from the participating districts will read out their proposals to councillors on the reception of refugees at a neighbourhood level.
Plaça de la Vila, Gràcia, Places de Gràcia

Action to offset the impact of tourism in the city

Taxa turística. The boost to network bus services in summer, improvements to squares in Gràcia and the Collserola Natural Park will all be funded with money raised by the tourist tax.
GRA335. BARCELONA, 26/06/2016.- Dos ancianos votan en un colegio electoral de Barcelona. EFE/Alberto Estévez

More channels to boost the participation and political influence of the public

Participation. The new regulations for citizen participation, initially approved, look to boost the political influence of the public via multi-consultations and the presentation of citizen initiatives.

Extra bus services this summer, funded by the tourist tax

Mobility. The bus service is to be beefed up this summer, especially on the lines that go to the beach and city centre and to ensure that service intervals remain between 6 and 10 minutes on work days.