Audiència Pública Gràcia

The public audience with the city’s youth reaches its final stage

Participation. Before the collective act on 23 May, students from the participating districts will read out their proposals to councillors on the reception of refugees at a neighbourhood level.

Family reunification strengthens neighbourhood roots

Diversity. Over the last year the New Families service has attended to 2,266 families, mainly from people from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines and China.

Technology features in all ten city districts for Mobile Week BCN

MWeekBCN. The programme of parallel and prior activities for the Mobile World Congress has been boosted.
Ronda de Dalt rondes

Fifteen million euros to start covering the Ronda de Dalt

Public works. The municipal government is putting forth two short-term proposals to cover the ring road at Sant Genís dels Agudells and La Teixonera, the zones where there is the broadest consensus.
Diada 11S Sant Martí BANER

Catalan National Day around the neighbourhoods

Catalan National Day. District offices and entities have teamed up to celebrate 11 September.
Jaume Collboni BCN Districte Cultural

Barcelona Districte Cultural takes arts and culture to the neighbourhoods

Culture. The Barcelona Districte Cultural project offers two editions this year (in May and June and again in the autumn) and includes 20 arts proposals and 88 performances at 13 local cultural centres.
Placa Homenatge Barraques Can Baró i Carmel

Homage to the residents of shantytowns in El Carmel and Can Baró

Memory. The plaque unveiled in the Horta-Guinardó district is the tenth of its kind to be put up since October 2015, remembering the residents of Barcelona’s shantytown neighbourhoods.
Mobile Week

Debates and artistic creations to reflect on the impact of the digital world

Technology.Ten young artists have produced artistic creations around Barcelona’s ten city districts to show their vision of digitalisation and the transformational power of new technologies.

Over 2,300 students visit the new prevention classroom run by the fire service

Prevention. The facility was opened last May and is designed to offer schoolchildren information and advice on prevention and self-protection.

Horta-Guinardó stands by refugees

Refuge City. The initiative aims to raise awareness among the public via exhibitions, workshops and talks.

Horta-Guinardó to improve mobility at the Turó de la Rovira

Mobility. The district is to invest 85,000 euros in managing and minimising disruptions to local residents due to the large volume of visitors to the area.