One out of five passenger cars and one out of four vans will not be able to circulate in the event of an environmental episode

According to the study, between 20 and 25% of vehicles circulating in the metropolitan area do not qualify for a DGT label and, therefore, will be subject to restrictions in the low-emission area.

Countering stigmas and discrimination with the new plan to combat drug dependency

Health. For the first time ever, a municipal action plan on drug-dependency includes screen dependency and pathological gaming, at the same time focusing on the rights of drug users.

Sharing efforts to wipe out rumours and hate speech on social media

Coexistence. The Barcelona Anti-Rumours Network is running a campaign to help users detect and put a stop to hate speech on social media.

Redesignation of building use around the Palau de la Música

Urban planning. The buildings, currently designated for hotel use, will adapt to the current needs of the district. The decision to overturn the previous designation responds to the rejection by local residents and entities to a new hotel in the neighbourhood.

Associations are at the heart of the city and its local festival

Entities. During the festivities for La Mercè, Plaça Catalunya brings together Barcelona’s associations for the second year running with nearly two hundred activities planned.

Full programme for a more decentralised La Mercè

La Mercè. The local festival spreads to all the city’s neighbourhoods, with a special focus on the Icelandic capital and a tribute at the start of the fireworks and music spectacular for the victims of the attack on La Rambla.

An antidote for long-term unemployment

Employment. The shock plan against long-term unemployment has helped 400 people to find work.

Forty years since the attack on ‘El Papus’

Memory. A plaque in C/ Tallers commemorates the attack against freedom of expression which killed one and injured seventeen.

Agreement with the Anti-Fraud Office to combat corruption

Transparency. The agreement includes the transfer of information and anticipates the creation of a training plan for City Council workers on public ethics and integrity.

Health matters most in the process to free the dolphins from the zoo

Animal welfare. According to international experts, the most important thing is to guarantee a proper evaluation of the welfare and health of dolphins once they are set free.

Good practice to reduce inconvenience caused by tourist groups

Tourism. Agreement with tour guides to adopt measures improving compatibility between tour activity and everyday life in the city.

More equitable fees for the new nursery school year

Nursery schools. The new pricing system based on family incomes facilitates access to municipal nurseries for families with the lowest incomes.