Family reunification strengthens neighbourhood roots

Diversity. Over the last year the New Families service has attended to 2,266 families, mainly from people from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines and China.
Mobile Week

Debates and artistic creations to reflect on the impact of the digital world

Technology.Ten young artists have produced artistic creations around Barcelona’s ten city districts to show their vision of digitalisation and the transformational power of new technologies.

Agreement to move the Model prison and the Trinitat Vella open prison to the Zona Franca

Facilities. City Council is to provide two sites for the Government of Catalonia to build two new prisons and free up space for facilities, social housing and green areas in L’Eixample and Sant Andreu.
Caminant Fem Salut i Fem Cultura

Health and culture walks!

Routes. The districts of L'Eixample and Nou Barris are offering guided walks to discover Barcelona while getting some healthy exercise.
Mercat de Sant Antoni i entorn.

More spaces for local residents around the Mercat de Sant Antoni

Works. Local residents, traders and stallholders have approved the municipal proposal for traffic calming in C/ Tamarit and C/ Comte Borrell.
Audiència Pública Gràcia

The public audience with the city’s youth reaches its final stage

Participation. Before the collective act on 23 May, students from the participating districts will read out their proposals to councillors on the reception of refugees at a neighbourhood level.
Mercat de Sant Antoni i entorn.

A large pedestrianised island to pacify the area around the Mercat de Sant Antoni

Urban planning. The first stage of action affects C/ Tamarit along the stretch between C/ Comte Borrell and C/ Comte d’Urgell, and the latter, along the stretch between C/ Tamarit and C/ Manso.

Technology features in all ten city districts for Mobile Week BCN

MWeekBCN. The programme of parallel and prior activities for the Mobile World Congress has been boosted.

Disruptions to traffic for the Three Kings Parade 2017

Mobility. Private traffic and surface transport will be restricted along the route of the parade from 5 pm to 9.30 pm.
horts urbans interior illa

Participatory and solidarity interiors in the blocks in L’Eixample

Solidarity. At C/ Comte Borrell, 305, a new space in the interior of the block brings agriculture to the city with an urban cultivation area run by the Emmaús soup kitchen.
Descobreix la Casa de les Punxes

The Casa de les Punxes opens to the public

Modernisme. The house offers a recreational and cultural visit based around three main themes: the building, the architect and the legend of Sant Jordi.