Barcelona isn’t afraid

100,000 people have come out on the streets to shout "I’m not afraid", a massive response by local people against the attack on La Rambla and in support of the victims

Most public services back to normal

Except round Plaça de Catalunya and La Rambla, public transport and municipal facilities have resumed normal service

All municipal services have been activated following the attack on the Rambla

Barcelona City Council has activated the Municipal Basic Emergency Plan for Multiple Victim Incidents after the massive crash this afternoon on Rambla de Barcelona.

Fewer illegal tourist flats in Barcelona

Tourism. In just one year the number of cessation orders and sanction proceedings to put an end to the supply of illegal tourist flats has nearly tripled.

Everything is in hand for the Gràcia Festival

Society. Everything is in hand to celebrate the bicentenary of the Festa Major de Gràcia.

Snapshot of the city’s neighbourhoods

Neighbourhoods. The annual report offers a snapshot of the economic and social make-up of Barcelona’s neighbourhoods.

La Rambla attack information service

Public service. Barcelona city services are still assisting anyone who needs help following the attack on La Rambla.

“The avalanche of solidarity makes us strong. Barcelona is a city of peace, open to the world and proud of its diversity”

Minute’s silence at 12 midday, this Friday, in Plaça de Catalunya, in solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attack on the Rambla. Three days of official mourning have been declared.

New bus lanes on the Meridiana to improve collective mobility

Mobility. To new bus lanes are open on Avinguda Meridiana that reduce the time for getting into the city in the rush hour by up to eight minutes.

Civic officers in all city districts

Coexistence. A new intake of 24 officers sees the service reach the entire city.

Disruptions to traffic from 11 to 13 August

Mobility. A summary of works which imply disruptions to traffic in Barcelona from 11 to 13 August.

Limited routes for Segways for commercial use in Ciutat Vella

Mobility. Personal mobility vehicles being used commercially will have to stick to set routes around Ciutat Vella.