First ever atlas of Barcelona’s nesting birds

Fauna. The book brings together information on the 83 species of birds which nest in the city, promotes urban biodiversity and helps towards bird conservation.

New boost for art factories

Culture. The new model for art factories channels municipal support for cultural talent and creation in the city.

Digital transformation for more agile, open and ethical public services

Technology. By backing open source and open standards to ensure technological sovereignty, the City Council is boosting efficiency and cutting costs.

Municipal services attend to over a hundred people following the police charges on 1 October

Rights. The evaluation of the special service for victims from 1 October clearly shows the disproportionality of the police action.

Less bureaucracy in social services

Social services. The new Social and Economic Benefit Office will act as a one-stop shop for simplifying social services management, procedures and support.

Promoting active ageing and breaking down stereotypes

Elderly people. A total of 35 measures to protect the rights of the elderly and boost active lifestyles in the city.

Weekend: BCN Ciutat Diversa, the social economy and the Market of Markets

Leisure. A meeting to speak up for Barcelona’s social and cultural diversity, a fair highlighting the experiences and practices of the new economy, and a big gastronomy festival.

New bike lanes, nearer and better connected

Mobility. Bike lanes currently under construction will be 100% operational by the end of the year, bringing the city’s cycling infrastructure up to a total of 172 km.

Institutional declaration rejecting the imprisonment of Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart

City Council. BComú, GMDemòcrata, ERC, CUP–Capgirem Barcelona and the independent councillor Gerard Ardanuy call for the release of the presidents of the ANC and Òmnium Cultural.

Consensus between private and public sectors to defend Barcelona’s strength

Municipal. Maximum unity between the municipal government and economic bodies, trade unions and universities in favour of easing tensions and countering alarmism in the city.

Preparatory work to regulate vehicle sharing

Mobility. A proposal for regulations will be drafted in 2018, building on the benefits of carsharing, motosharing and bikesharing and reducing the negative effects.

Evaluation of work carried out in the summer

Urban planning. A total of 101 tasks have been carried out in public spaces to help the city run smoothly, with 92% of them already completed.