Firma acord Fira i IMI

An agreement to consolidate Barcelona as an international digital city

Economy. The City Council and Fira de Barcelona have signed a collaboration agreement to show how the city is backing the digital economy and the attraction of technological and innovative enterprise.
Barri El Besòs i El Maresme

Increased and improved local commerce in Besòs i el Mareseme

Commerce. An agreement with neighbourhood traders to set up a trade fair in the street, a new edition of the Tastatapes and improvements to signage, access and energy efficiency.

Barcelona to host the World Union of Wholesale Markets Conference in 2018

Markets. The event brings together delegates from thirty countries and will look at the future of markets and their responsibility on the issue of food waste.
Campillo al Congrés PGE17 1

Joint condemnation of the state budget

Municipalism. A common front to condemn the limits on local funding and call on political parties from the Spanish parliament to take municipalities into account for this year’s state budget.

Bizbarcelona invites entrepreneurs, small businesses and the social economy to transform

Economy. The business fair is on from 31 May to 1 June at the Montjuïc trade fair site and is aimed at readying businesses, entrepreneurs and organisations for the challenges posed by the digital economy.
MFBCN i Sonar

Culture, technology and international outreach

Economy. Experts from a dozen countries exchange experiences and projects on the creative industries and the promotion of cities during two days of meetings in Barcelona and Terrassa.
MediaTIC, incubadora

A business incubator to consolidate Barcelona’s economic future

Barcelona Activa. Barcelona Activa puts the MediaTIC business incubator into operation to help twenty ICT-based projects in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology.
Façana Ajuntament

What are European cities doing to be more transparent?

Public finance. Eight cities meet in Barcelona to tackle gentrification and promote the public control of municipal accounts.
mercat sants

The network of green markets grows

Local commerce. The Mercat de Sants joins the group of markets promoting environmental sustainability and healthy foodstuffs.
Foto Grup Economia Social i Solidària

The Network of Municipalities for the Social and Solidarity Economy is formalised

New economic model. This municipal alliance backs a transformational socio-economic model which reduces social and territorial inequalities and achieves well-being for people.