Weekend: Christmas Fairs, Earth Market and urban dance

Free time. Christmas stalls across the city, a meeting point to promote local products, and an international artistic event to publicise the latest stage creations from urban dancers.

Tighter control over vehicles for rent with drivers

Mobility. The metropolitan area is developing its own regulations to limit the number of VTC vehicles.

Compliance with WHO pollution levels would prevent at least 250 deaths a year in the city

Health. Traffic restrictions come into effect on 1 December and will be applied to vehicles which pollute the most when nitrogen oxide pollution episodes are declared.

Commitment to culture and science

Economy. Barcelona City Council, cultural facilities and research centres in the city join forces to call for a review of VAT being claimed on public subsidies in these sectors.

A closer and more community-based home help service

Elderly people. Groups with greater self-management capacity and consisting of ten professionals will be providing support for some fifty people in the first step towards future social superblocks.

The collective right to education

Education. Education as heritage for all and a way of redressing social inequalities and giving all citizens a role to play.

New terrace regulations agreed

Terraces. General consensus on drafting new regulations that are easier to understand and apply, and adapted to the real needs of local residents, bar and restaurant owners and the area.

Greater innovation and proximity of services for Sant Martí residents

Neighbourhood plan. The new socio-cultural and administrative facility to replace the former Cinema Pere IV will be an energy-efficient building, integrated into public space and incorporating elements of nature.

Five streets in the Sagrada Família neighbourhood to become more pedestrian-friendly

Urban planning. The five streets are all passages (Ureña, Bofill, Pau Hernández, León and Carsi) which are to be renewed to improve landscape and urban planning aspects.

More services with new Bicing contract

Mobility. The candidacy with the best overall score out of the six projects competing was ‘Pedalem Barcelona’, a joint venture between Cespa and PBSC.

Greater flexibility to conduct municipal politics

Participation. Members of the municipal government will be able to vote remotely when absent due to maternity, paternity, pregnancy or serious illness.

Weekend: Inclusive film, a local festival and tonnes of solidarity

Temps lliure. The international disability film festival reaches its fifth edition, Sant Andreu again defies the cold weather as it holds its local festival and the Big Food Collection calls for solidarity.