Champion the right to asylum more publicly

City. A placard bearing the slogan “Refugees welcome” can be seen hanging from the City Hall’s facade. The EU flag is flying at half-mast in the city’s districts as a sign of support for refugees.

City Council allocates 300,000 euros for organisations assisting refugees in transit

Cooperation. Financial support is being tripled to respond to humanitarian consequences following the EU decision to close the route through the Balkans.

Barcelona defends the role of cities in managing the refugee crisis

International relations. Speaking at the world summit of cities against climate change, Ada Colau, criticised states for being sluggish in their decision-making.

Ada Colau calls on the state to fulfil its obligations on refugees

Solidarity. The mayor criticised the way the humanitarian crisis is being handled in Europe and the scant collaboration of the Spanish government.

Ada Colau defends the role of cities in the refugee crisis

International. The mayor is encouraging her Eurocities counterparts to demand a central role and funding to tackle the humanitarian crisis.

Catalan universities show their solidarity with Europe’s refugees

Solidarity. Universities expressed their commitment to promoting the involvement of their communities in actions relating to receiving refugees.

Barcelona and Munich share support strategies for long-term refugees

Refuge city. Munich has 50 reception centres in operation and receives over 300 people a week.

Barcelona and Leipzig agree to share refugee support plans

Refuge city. Ada Colau noted that the process of regularising the situation of those arriving in the city will be a big challenge.

Professional associations show their support for refugees

Refuge city. Various Barcelona associations have publicly offered their support for people affected by the humanitarian crisis.
L’alcaldessa i l’equip tècnic de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona assisteixen a una sessió informativa que ofereix l’Ajuntament de Leipzig als ciutadans i ciutadanes per explicar l’acollida dels refugiats al municipi

Putting the ‘Barcelona, Refuge City’ plan into action entails direct contact with citizens

Refuge city. The aim is to prevent rumours about the arrival of people and the assistance they will receive.