Follow the Three Kings’ epic journey to Barcelona

Once again, this year you have the chance to follow the journey made by the Three Kings on their way to Barcelona. Every Christmas, the Three Kings get together to make their epic journey from the Far East, so they can give out presents and good wishes to children who have been good. On the Christmas website we have prepared an interactive map for you to follow, minute by minute, the exact location of the Three Kings on their journey of over 10,000 kilometres. But, of course, after arriving in Barcelona parading through the city on their floats, they will disappear, so they can deliver all their presents (and coal) to every home.

And what’s more, on the same website all you kids can send a letter to your favourite king. Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar are waiting for your letter and sssssshhhh! Do you want to know a secret? They are waiting with a personalised message.