Green zone is free during August

From 1 to 31 August, it is possible to park free of charge in a large part of the city. The aim is to make the city more practical and comfortable for users. The Green zone will be free, both for residents and non-residents, but the mixed parking zone, those where anyone can park, will be maintained, together with preferential parking areas, that are green zones marked only for residents, and which will continue to be exclusive, meaning that not any vehicle can park there.

The blue zone will work differently. There will be free zones, but a good part of the city will maintain the payment system and the usual rates. These areas are>  the central area marked out by Carrer Comte d’Urgell, Avinguda Diagonal, Passeig Sant Joan, Passeig Colom and Paral·lel. Payment will continue in the area of the Sagrada Família and Barceloneta, along with smaller areas, such as Plaça del Doctor Andreu, Carrer de Joan XXIII and an area of Guinardó. The usual rules will be kept for areas exclusively for coaches. All parking metres of the city have been given a QR informative code to help users to know full information on the blue paying zone.

ApparkB will continue to operate in August

With this mobile application, it is possible to pay for parking in a simple and comfortable manner, without having to find a parking meter. It has been operating for almost a year and there have been over half a million tickets issued, with an average of 4,000 a day.

It can be downloaded from your mobile telephone or from the green zone webpage. There are now over 40,000 users recorded and 70,000 downloads. Full information is given for its use at the more than 3,000 parking meters of the city.

For further information:

Green Zone webpage

‘ApparkB webpage