Eva Serra: “11 September defends a model for society”

The historian and professor emeritus at the University of Barcelona, Eva Serra, gave the traditional conference at the Saló de Cent hall for 11 September with the title ‘La potencialitat democràtica de la Catalunya històrica’ [the democratic potentiality of Catalonia in history].

According to Serra, on 11 September Catalans “defend a country and a model for society”. The historian believes in the need to explain the historical Catalan model to identify “what we lost”. During the conference, Serra went over the history of Catalan society and its governing bodies up until 1714, and outlined the democratic potentiality of Catalonia in each period.

At the start of the 18th century, “Catalonia was a very politically mature society which was bringing old instruments up to date” expressed Serra. She also explained that 11 September 1714 put an end to “a society where socially transversal institutional and civil workings and an ability to evolve prevailed, and from then on people and politics became subject to a hierarchical and militarised model”. To conclude, Serra noted that “even so, historical memory was maintained, hence the strength of civil society in Catalonia”.

The Mayor, Ada Colau, spoke at the end of the conference, urging the defence of rights and national and local liberties in the face of a state government which threatens them. “More than ever, there is a need to raise the flag of democracy, the flag of freedom, equality and fraternity”.

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