Bigger grants to help households with limited incomes pay the property tax

Grants introduced last year to help pay the property tax (IBI) are to be increased to cover up to 75% of the tax, up to a maximum of 200 euros for households with limited incomes. The ceiling for income levels of those entitled to apply is also being increased. Last year the grants covered up to 50% of the tax.

The municipal government offers the grants as a way of moving towards a fairer tax regime. The upper limit for annual income for households qualifying for the grants is also to be higher. Applicants, along with other household members officially residing in the home, can have a gross annual income of up to 23,343 euros in the case of a family of four.

Besides satisfying the established criteria, applicants must either be the owners or tenants of the home, which must be their everyday residence. Last year’s requisites have been relaxed insofar that to qualify for the grants tenants no longer need to demonstrate that owners pass the cost of the property tax onto them.

At the same time, existing help with paying the IBI will be maintained this year, benefitting other collectives such as widowed people, large families and single-parent families.

In total, the 2017 budget allocation for grants to help pay the property tax is 3.5 million euros. The application period is open up until 30 June. Applications can be presented in person, with a prior appointment at Citizen Help and Information Offices, or online via this website.