An exhibition to uphold the memory of the Mercat del Born

The exhibition ‘Born. Memories of a market’, from 17 March to 26 November, provides recognition for one of the most iconic places in the city, based on a thorough historical analysis of its activity, architecture and social and cultural symbolism. The display is also a call for local residents and retailers to chip in with their own records and experiences to enrich the documentary memory of the market.

During the exhibition presentation, the First Deputy Mayor, Gerardo Pisarello, explained: “El Born reminds us of the importance of markets as a fundamental tool to keep neighbourhoods alive and for the development of cities”. The exhibition, which speaks up for the role of the market in the history of the city of Barcelona, is jointly curated by Manel Guàrdia, Ramon Graus and José Luis Oyón.

One of the most notable features of the exhibition is the ‘Paradeta de la Memòria’, or memory stall, which brings together real life accounts of workers at the market and local residents. At the presentation, the Commissioner for Memory Programmes, Ricard Vinyes, noted: “As well as academic analysis, it’s just as important to uphold and boost popular memory in the city”. To this end, Vinyes called for citizens to chip in with their own images at the memory stall, as a way of helping consolidate the market’s documentary archive.

Apart from the main exhibition and the five guided tours, a number of parallel activities have been organised, including various meetings and round table sessions, family workshops, the theatre play Tenorio forever, the concert ‘Born. La festa’, and even some hearty breakfasts at the market.

Admission to ‘Born. Memories of a market’ costs 4,40 euros (6,50 euros for the guided tours), although for the first month admission will be free.