El Raval is synonymous with rumba

Memòria. Carrer de la Cera, in the neighbourhood of El Raval, inaugurated two dividing walls with a festive occasion paying homage to rumba.

Weekend: Tres Tombs for Sant Antoni, homage to rumba and an audio-visual festival for young people

Free time. The city’s oldest procession and blessing of animals is back, El Raval pays homage to Catalan rumba and the Reteena festival rounds off at the Fabra i Coats with workshops and activities for youngsters.

Getting everywhere by bike

Bicycle. Additions and improvements to the city’s cycling infrastructure, currently consisting of 184 km of bike lanes, have helped boost the use of the bicycle.

The Mercat del Ninot remembers those deported to Nazi camps

Memory. A commemorative plaque pays homage to Eliseu Villalba, a former sub-director at the market and survivor of the Mauthausen concentration camp.

Work gets under way on the temporary Abaceria Central market

Markets. Work is under way to build the provisional market, which will be located in Pg. Sant Joan.

A connected tram system means more resources for public transport

Public transport. Calculations point to a profit of 64 million euros, thanks to a 107% increase in users, more than doubling the current volume.

Demand for the Catalan government to pay its 42 million euro debt for nursery schools

Nursery schools. The quantity corresponds to subsidies meant for municipal nursey schools since 2013.

Zero tolerance towards sexual abuse and maltreatment of children

Childhood. Different administrations and institutions are to work together to improve prevention policies and responses to any cases which may arise.
protocol sequera

Using water more efficiently to combat drought

Drought. A new protocol sets out specific action to save water in the event of drought, without restricting basic services.

When fascism bombed the innovative Escola del Mar

Memory. Various schools in Ciutat Vella and Horta-Guinardó took part in acts in memory of the Escola del Mar.

Agenda Recomanada

Sant Antoni neighbourhood’s big annual festival

Sant Antoni is holding its festa major or big annual festival from 12 to 21 January.

Open day and party at the Museu Blau

Young children. This Sunday brings an inaugural party for the series of activities in and around parks, rivers and beaches in Barcelona and the metropolitan area.

Graffiti project at the Mercat de la Barceloneta

Festivities. Five graffiti artists are to create a piece of work on the shopfront shutters at the Mercat de la Barceloneta, recreating the history of the neighbourhood.

La Model opens up to the city

Routes. La Model opens up to the public with open days on Fridays and Saturdays.

Adolf Loos. Private Spaces

Exhibitions. The Museu del Disseny is exhibiting objects and furniture designed by the architect Adolf Loos for homes in Vienna around the year 1900.

A big gathering for popular culture at the Fabra i Coats

Festivities. Som Popular Culture is on at the Fabra i Coats and Can Fabra venues in Sant Andreu from 25 to 28 January.

Sant Antoni fun run

Sports. The 40th edition of the traditional Sant Antoni fun run is on Sunday 21 January.

Walk in Sant Martí de Provençals

Sports. The first Barnatresc walk of the year is on 21 January.